Global Positioning System

GPS  or Global Positing System allows you to locate any position in the world by the use of satellite.GPS can help you to locate a friends address or your favourite restaurant near you or a movie cinema.GPS operates by the use of radio waves.

The Online Replacement

In around 1980’s when computer came , we had operating systems like DOS and Unix which provided users with Character User Interface.The windows operating system came up with the Graphical User Interface and came with easy way of accessing programs & applications.

Best Mozilla Firefox addons

1.Adblock Plus: Adblock Plus (ABP) is an extension available for both Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox users.It allows users to prevent the display of advertisments. Adblock blocks HTTP requests according to their source address and can block IFrames, scripts, and Flash.

Google Plus


Google entered the world of social networking  with the launch of Orkut in Jauary 24,2004.Facebook another social networking site was launced in Feb 2004.Over the years, we have seen that Facebook has taken over orkut  in terms of number of users.

What Next For Indian IT Industry

The last decade saw the tremendous growth of a sector in India which expertly utilized the talent pools across the globe and picked up the right set of people at low cost. The Indian IT Industry which contributes to 5.19% of country’s GDP and employees more around 2.5 million people was born in 1967 with the partnership of Tata Group with Burroughs.

Virtualization Software

There are commercial products like VMWARE  available to support virtualization. But there are various Open Source tools available that give similar features to the commercial products.Virtualization has been like a revolution and has reduced the cost of the company greatly and virtualization is a part of cloud technology, that makes it a technology to watch out for.